Recommended Reading – March 26, 2020

This is my recommended reading for March 26, 2020. Each of these articles expresses, in some way, the beauty of God and the human experience.

  • The Pope’s Urbi et Orbi Blessing – It is easy to write this off as an anachronism and unimportant, but it isn’t. Indulgences show forth the limitless mercy of God, and in a time when many people are suffering and dying, we very much need it.
  • Ripples – A simple quote, yet a profound thought.
  • We’ve Lost Touch – We now have time for reflection, so we should put it to good use.
  • Idols Make Your Memory Selective – Pope Francis on the dangers of modern idolatry. It is an ancient sin and it has never left us. See also my recent post.

Recommended Reading – March 23, 2020